Why Owning a Home in Charlotte Just Became an Even Better Investment

Charlotte has been making a lot of news lately. In addition to several Charlotte neighborhoods earning top spots on Niche’s Best Places to Live list, the city’s job market is also rising in the ranks.

In fact, Charlotte recently earned the title of #1 Tech Town in America from CompTIA, a leading global IT company. The bottom line? If you own a home in Charlotte, you’re in luck.

#1 Tech Town in America

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The #1 ranking was decided based on a number of factors, including quality of life, salaries, job openings and growth, and cost of living. While the whole state of North Carolina showed up all over the list, Charlotte beat out Raleigh for the number one spot.

So what was it about Charlotte that put it ahead of the competition? Well in the past year, over 44,000 IT careers were available in the city, and the number is only expected to keep getting bigger over the years.

With big companies like Bank of American, Wells Fargo, and Ally Financial located in the city and median salaries coming in around $87,775, Charlotte has become a hot spot for tech jobs.

Charlotte Job Market

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These days, tech jobs are some of the most sought-after positions in the country. While Charlotte is no Silicon Valley, the city offers plenty of variety when it comes to careers in the IT field.

Currently, unemployment in Charlotte sits at 3.6%, well below the national average. Some of the largest employers in the city are the Carolinas HealthCare System, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Novant Health Inc.—showing just how much weight tech jobs carry in the city’s economy.

But it’s not just tech jobs. For those wanting to get in on life in the burgeoning city, there are plenty of other fields available, including education, retail, and local government work.

Buying a Home in Charlotte

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With Charlotte growing more and more in popularity every day, the local real estate market is on the edge of a boom. If you’re thinking of buying in Charlotte, there’s really never been a better time than now to get invested.

Not sure what part of Charlotte to call home? We’re here to help. With in-depth area and neighborhood guides, tips on buying and selling, and a specialized home search tool, finding—and selling—your home in Charlotte has never been easier.

Start Your Real Estate Journey in Charlotte

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, the Charlotte real estate market is buzzing with activity—and now’s the time to jump in.

If you want to get started with your real estate endeavor, just give the team at Charlotte Home Links a call today.

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